Shots from the Garden

With the arrival of summer heat, we are seeing a lot more water lily activity.



The frangipani clusters are opening.



Soo pulled all the buds off the little mango except for two.


The Rose of Sharon has stopped teasing us and has allowed several buds to open at the same time.



And, here’s our old friend, Mr. Lincoln.


Bob and Soo

Four Queens

On Wednesday night, three of the Queen of the Night buds opened.


Transformed_DSC01363 (3)

It really was a kick to see three of them on one night.

And last night, the fourth one opened.



Bob and Soo


New in the Garden

Here’s what is new and interesting in the garden.

We had to move the gloriosa because of the high winds. We lost a few blooms to the wind, but we have had a pretty steady procession of new buds.


The Queen of the night is loaded with buds about to bloom.


The frangipani has put out its first flowers. You can see that these are a tri-color.


There are a ton of blossoms yet to come.


The Rose of Sharon has started blooming, with a ton of buds yet to go.


The Big Jim Chiles are yielding nicely. I already harvested a half-dozen beauties last week, enough for a small batch of Mean Green.


Finally, we took advantage of a new (to us) farm delivery service. Last week, we found this flier in our mail.


Tomas runs a small farm and his mom has a fruit orchard. You call in a produce order before 16:00 and he delivers it the next morning. If he doesn’t have what you want, he tries to get it from one of his nearby farmers. We tried him out with a pretty extensive list and he delivered most of it. Delivery is free in Lagos, and he works out a fee for other localities. We put a few “challenging” items on our list, like white onions, jalapenos, raw peanuts and Vietnamese coriander, and he couldn’t get us any of those. No matter. The produce was high-quality, super-fresh, and we didn’t need to go to the weekend farmer’s market.

Bob and Soo

Glory, Glory

A highlight of the summer season for us the past few years has been the blooming of our gloriosa (fire lily).



Here, you can see a couple open blossoms surrounded by unopened buds. We have nine buds on the main stalk and two more stems that are just starting to put out buds. Looks like this will be a abundant and long blooming season.


Bob and Soo

The Queen Arrives

We have been watching the first of this year’s blooms on the Queen of the Night for a couple weeks. Unlike all of last year’s blooms, this one was coming off a frond at the top of the plant.  This is what it looked like in the afternoon.


We knew that we would only have one shot at this, so we asked “Alexa” to tell us to check outside at 22:00. Sure enough, the Queen was in full-bloom at night.




By the morning, the flower was closed, and within a couple hours, it sagged dramatically, as its one night of glory was ended.

Bob and Soo


The Kitchen Window

Rather than start off with more pictures from the garden, in this post let’s start indoors. With the bougainvillea over the back trellis along with houseplants on the sill, our back window provides a dramatic vista for plant-watching.


This has been a relatively mild spring, especially with respect to  wind, so the bougainvillea continues to shine. Indoors, the medanilla magnifica on the right is now blooming into its third month! And the yellow-mottled phalaenopsis is in its second bloom. Last year, its blooms lasted for five months, so we may have a lot of joy yet to come in this cycle. With a view like this, we both look for dishes to wash!


Outside, we have another new lily. This one is a little bashful, as it decided to face the wall.


The purple iochroma continues to thrive.


Here is a long view of the Yves Piaget rose bush.


We are eagerly awaiting the gloriosa blooming. We have five buds on one stalk and two more stalks yet to bud.

Bob and Soo


Some New, Some Old

We’ve been looking forward to this Peruvian lily opening.


This oxalis is one of my favorites. I really like the purple triangular leaves.


This is a new passion flower that Soo put in over the patio wall.


I have posted this rose before. What is new is that this latest bloom was quickly surrounded by five new buds and they are all now in bloom.


Bob and Soo

Round Three and More

The last set of blooms from the pink cactus orchid opened yesterday. We only got two days from the last pair, probably because we got a blast of heat on the day they opened. The temps have dropped the last couple days, so maybe we’ll get a few more days from these.



We are still getting clusters from the Gallica rose over the front trellis.


We have a lot of blooms coming in on the Yves Piaget rose. It is interesting how the ones higher up are paler than the ones near the bottom.



Bob and Soo

A Few More

Here is a striking yellow hibiscus.


This is the Veilchenblau, a fragrant old German rambling rose, developed in the late 19th century. It blooms in clusters that last for a couple weeks.


The protea is three years old. This is the first bloom with eight more to come.


And there’s always room for the classics.


Bob and Soo